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Firstly, please take the time to answer a few questions. This will help to determine the best pen for you

There are a limitless amount of options available in terms of wood/resin, so I suggest having a look through our current stock and coming up with a few that you like the look of. We will provide pictures of the actual wood/resin blank to you prior to starting the custom order.

Please note: Full payment for the custom pen will be required upfront.

General Pricing Structure:

Slimline Pens ~ From $30

Streamline Pens ~ From $30

Editor Pens ~ From $40

Cigar Pens ~ From $40

Conservative ~ From $50

Magnetic Cap ~ From $50

Some woods will attract an additional $5-10, depending on the final choice*

Wood/resin combination blanks are an additional $15*

*contact me for pictures of my range of in-stock pen blanks

Is this pen a gift or for yourself?
Out of our current pen styles, which do you prefer?
What type of pen finish would you like?
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Slimline - Myrtle

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